How Old Is John Oyegun?

Where is John oyegun from?

Warri, NigeriaJohn Odigie Oyegun/Place of birthBackground.

John Odigie Oyegun was born on 12 August 1939, in Warri, Delta State to an Edo father and Urhobo mother from Agbarha Ughelli.

He attended St.

Patrick’s College, Asaba, and then went to the University of Ibadan where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Economics..

How old is Adams Oshiomhole?

68 years (April 4, 1952)Adams Oshiomhole/Age

Who is the former APC National Chairman?

Adams OshiomholeAdams Oshiomhole, former President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (right) with U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria Howard F. Jeter (center), 5 July 2002, Lagos.National Chairman of the All Progressives CongressIn office 24 July 2018 – 16 June 2020Preceded byJohn Odigie Oyegun14 more rows

Who is the current governor of Edo State?

Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki (born on the 1st of July 1957), is a Nigerian politician and businessman, who is currently the Governor of Edo State….Godwin ObasekiIncumbentAssumed office 12 November 2016DeputyPhilip ShaibuPreceded byAdams Oshiomhole12 more rows

Who is the PDP candidate in Edo State?

2020 Edo gubernatorial electionNomineeGodwin ObasekiOsagie Ize-IyamuPartyPDPAPCRunning matePhilip ShaibuAudu GaniyuPopular vote307,955223,619Percentage57.3%41.6%1 more row

When did APC founded?

February 6, 2013All Progressives Congress/Founded

Who is the present APC National Chairman now?

All Progressives CongressCaretaker ChairmanMai Mala Buni (YO)Nigerian PresidentMuhammadu Buhari (KT)Nigerian Vice PresidentYemi Osinbajo (LA)Senate PresidentAhmed Lawan (YO)14 more rows

Who is founder of APC?

All Nigeria Peoples PartyAction Congress of NigeriaCongress for Progressive ChangeAll Progressives Congress/Founders

Who is Adam Oshiomole wife?

Lara Fortesm. 2015Clara Oshiomholem. ?–2010Adams Oshiomhole/Wife

Who is the first governor Nigeria?

Governor-General of Nigeria, 1914–1919NameTook officeSir Frederick Lugard (1858–1945)1 January 1914

How many PDP governors are in Nigeria?

The current party affiliation of the 36 state governors is: 16 People’s Democratic Party (PDP) 19 All Progressive Congress (APC) 1 All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA)

Who is the new Senate President of Nigeria 2019?

President of the Senate of NigeriaPresident of the Senate of The Federal Republic of NigeriaSeal of the Senate President of NigeriaIncumbent Ahmed Lawan since 11 June 2019Legislative Branch of the Federal GovernmentStyleMr President7 more rows