Question: Can A Tank Shoot Down A Plane?

What is the deadliest tank in the world?

Challenger 2The Challenger 2 is pure violence incarnate It holds the record for the longest tank to tank kill in the world.

The Challenger 2 is widely considered one of the most capable and formidable main battle tanks in the world.

It is armed with a deadly accurate 120 mm gun and can take a lot of punishment..

How do tank crews die?

A really strong high-explosive shell that doesn’t break through the armor can still kill the crew with its shock wave. Bombs, demolition charges, artillery shells, rockets, missiles, etc can have enough explosive effect to destroy the armor, crushing the crew at the same time.

What are drop tanks on planes?

In aviation, a drop tank (external tank, wing tank, or belly tank) is used to describe auxiliary fuel tanks externally carried by aircraft. A drop tank is expendable and often jettisonable.

Has the A 10 ever shot down an aircraft?

(Many returned to base almost unflyable, but only seven Warthogs have ever been shot down or crashed due to combat.) Production had been shut down since 1984, and zero effort had been put into coming up with a direct replacement. It looked like the Hog would be makin’ bacon in the boneyard.

Has a tank ever shot down a helicopter?

It was an early Merkhava tank that shot down an Arab-piloted helicopter, probably Syrian pilots. … I have also seen reports of US M1 tanks shooting down airborne Iraqi helicopters. At any rate, it is more than possible for an armored vehicle to shoot down a helicopter with its main gun, GPMG, or otherwise.

Do they drop tanks out of planes?

America’s current tank, the M1 Abrams, weighs four times as much as the M551 Sheridan did and so isn’t typically dropped out of planes. It’s armored personnel carrier, the Stryker, is only a little heavier than the Sheridan was and is dropped from planes, typically in Alaska.

Do tanks have toilets?

Modern tanks are incredibly well-engineered machines that can complete various tasks autonomously. … Tanks do not have any bathroom facilities. First of all, there is no room for a toilet. Tank has to be concealed from the outside world, ideally, so tank’s bathroom would have to have some sort of waste management system.

Can a 50 cal take down a plane?

The Barrett . 50 caliber rifle is a powerful gun. Widely used in the military, its rounds can “penetrate light armor, down helicopters, destroy commercial aircraft, and blast through rail cars,” according to a report from the Violence Policy Center, a gun safety group.

Has an F-16 been shot down?

On 25 February 2009, a USAF F-16 shot down an Iranian Ababil-3 UAV after it entered in Iraqi airspace. In September 2010, USAF F-16s dropped two bombs providing close air support for an Iraqi Army unit that was overwhelmed by armed insurgents. This was the first air raid in Iraq since July 2009.

Can a tank hit a plane?

If the two accounts are accurate, then it seems possible that one of these aircraft may have been hit by a tank shell. Otherwise, modern tanks could theoretically shoot down a low-flying helicopter, especially if it was hovering or moving slowly, but such circumstances would be… rare.

Has anyone survived a 50 cal?

There’s really no way to survive a . 50-cal. … 50-cal. hits with so much energy that it would likely kill you even if your body armor could stop it.

Can RPG 7 destroy an Abrams?

Since most of the readily available RPG-7 rounds cannot penetrate M1 Abrams tank armor from almost any angle, it is primarily effective against soft-skinned or lightly armored vehicles, and infantry.

What do drop tanks do in GTA?

Drop tank. They’re fuel tanks shaped like rain drops for aerodynamics, which is why they’re called drop tanks. Or because they can be dropped when they’re empty.

Can a 50 cal shoot down a helicopter?

50 cal sniper rifles like the SR-AS50 or M107. Smaller guns can also take down choppers, but they take quite a while to have an effect. These work pretty well. They have the heavier 6.8mm round, so it doesn’t take too many hits to take down the choppers.

Can a rifle shoot down a plane?

As others have said, with an AR-15 unless you hit the crew at a critical flight moment to cause the aircraft to lose control, the probability of bringing down a plane with a rifle are virtually nil. The same applies to the . 50 caliber rifles that many gun control supporters claim can be used to shoot down an airliner.

Can a C 130 carry a tank?

It can carry up to 42,000 pounds of cargo. Here are 10 things that can be transported by the C-130 Hercules: Tanks.

Did MiG 21 really shot down F-16?

While no damage was caused on the Indian side, the IAF lost a MiG-21 Bison fighter in an ensuing aerial fight, while at the same time announcing it had shot down a Pakistani Air Force F-16 fighter. Quite expectedly, Pakistan denied that the IAF’s airstrikes had made any impact and refuted claims of having lost an F-16.