Question: How Does APC PowerChute Work?

How does PowerChute network shutdown work?

PowerChuteTM Network Shutdown (PowerChute) works in conjunction with the UPS Network Management Card (NMC) to provide network-based shutdown of multiple computer systems.

In the case of a UPS critical event, the software performs a graceful, unattended system shutdown before the UPS battery is exhausted..

Is APC PowerChute free?

All PowerChute Personal Edition software is available as a free download from APC’s website, click here!

Does ups increase electricity bill?

Yes, definitely your bill will increase as you are using more power to charge the UPS and using the power later on. Depending on the size of the UPS, the effect may be small, or even undetectable. If you are just keeping your computer or communications equipment protected from outage, don’t worry about it.

Should I turn off my ups at night?

Yes, it will shorten the life expectancy of its batteries. Every night, with the UPS unplugged, the batteries self-discharge. Every day, when you plug the UPS back in, the batteries have to charge back up to compensate for the self-discharge. … It is better to make off from ups switch.

What is an APC unit?

The Smart-UPS is a series of enterprise-level uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) made by American Power Conversion (APC). … With the exception of RT and SRT series, Smart-UPS units are line-interactive UPS systems, only running their inverters when the grid power is unavailable.

How do I start PowerChute Business Edition?

Navigate to Windows Services under Administrative Tools in the Control Panel and locate the PowerChute Business Edition Agent service (APC PBE Agent). To manually start the Agent, right-click on APC PBE Agent and select Start.

Does a UPS use a lot of electricity?

It will only use electricity to really charge the batteries back up, after that it will be fine. It doesn’t really increase the power consumption that much, unless your batteries are toast.

How do I reset my PowerChute password?

How to Reset PowerChute Business Edition PasswordYou will need to be on version 10 or later for this to work. … Do an in place upgrade, no restarts will be required but it may prompt to install Visual C++ Redistributable. … Now browse to the installation folder: … … … You will now be able to login using the new username and password.

What is APC PowerChute?

PowerChute is a computer program by APC used to control the uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) the company produces. It provides unattended shutdown of servers and workstations in the event of an extended power outage. It also monitors and logs the UPS status.

Should I leave my ups on all the time?

the UPS is designed to be left on all of the time and I don’t see a benefit to turn it off each day. also, every time you turn the UPS on, it will do a UPS self test and if done too often, this will drain the battery a tiny bit unnecessarily. if you do this a few times a day for a year, then it adds up.

How do I set up PowerChute?

Go to Configure Events. Select UPS On Battery and click Shutdown. Click Enable Shutdown. Enter the desired amount of time you would like the UPS to run on battery prior to PowerChute starting the shutdown process and then click Apply.

How do I connect APC to computer?

Plug the USB cable that was included with your APC device into your computer. Connect the opposing end into the “Data Port” outlet on the APC unit. Insert the CD that was included with your APC device into your computer’s CD-ROM drive. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the APC device software.