Question: What Was The Life Expectancy Of A Tank Crew In Ww2?

What were the odds of surviving WW2?

Approximately 16 million Americans wore the uniform in WWII, and 290,000 died in combat.

So, just under 2%.

Another 115,000 died non-combat deaths, so now you’re up to 4%.

The odds change, of course, depending on where – or if – you saw combat..

What is the best age to join the army?

21If you are more of a self-motivator than I was and have definite plans for improving yourself prior to enlisting, then I would say 21 is the ideal age to enlist. The Army actually prefers enlistees with some college over high school grads. Also, hit the gym regularly or join an athletic group, even just intramural.

Is anyone still alive from WW2?

Yielding to the inalterable process of aging, the men and women who fought and won the great conflict are now in their late 80s and 90s. They are dying quickly—according to US Department of Veterans Affairs statistics, 325,574 of the 16 million Americans who served in World War II are alive in 2020.

Do tanks have toilets?

Modern tanks are incredibly well-engineered machines that can complete various tasks autonomously. … Tanks do not have any bathroom facilities. First of all, there is no room for a toilet. Tank has to be concealed from the outside world, ideally, so tank’s bathroom would have to have some sort of waste management system.

How many US tank crews died in WW2?

1581 American tankersOnly 1581 American tankers were killed in all of WW2 – All types of tanks, in all theatres – Adjutant General’s Report.

What was the life expectancy of a WW2 pilot?

Life Expectancy The average life expectancy of a spitfire pilot during the Battle of Britain was an astonishing four weeks. During the battle, 544 British RAF pilots died.

Can RPG 7 destroy an Abrams?

Since most of the readily available RPG-7 rounds cannot penetrate M1 Abrams tank armor from almost any angle, it is primarily effective against soft-skinned or lightly armored vehicles, and infantry.

What was the average life expectancy of a soldier in WW2?

26″In World War II the average age of the combat soldier was 26, in Vietnam it was 19.” It’s a fact (or factoid) used at the start of Paul Hardcastle’s 1985 song 19. I’ve heard the song many times but only now started to wonder why there’d be such a drop in age (if there was one).

How do tank crews die?

A really strong high-explosive shell that doesn’t break through the armor can still kill the crew with its shock wave. Bombs, demolition charges, artillery shells, rockets, missiles, etc can have enough explosive effect to destroy the armor, crushing the crew at the same time.

What was the oldest age to fight in WW2?

Another act of parliament was necessary to increase the numbers. The National Service (Armed Forces) Act made all able men between the ages of 18 and 41 liable for conscription; as part of the legislation it was decided that single men would be called to war before married men.

What was the leading cause of death in WW2?

Civilian casualties include deaths caused by strategic bombing, Holocaust victims, German war crimes, Japanese war crimes, population transfers in the Soviet Union, Allied war crimes, and deaths due to war-related famine and disease.

Did any soldier survived all of WW2?

No issues but I think the question may have been this: “were there German combat soldiers who started the war on Sept 1 1939 and were still alive at the end of May 1945?” Yes, there were, but not many. Records suggest — key word — that about 148,000 German combat soldiers survived almost six years of combat operations.

What destroyed most tanks in WW2?

Luftwaffe legend Hans-Ulrich Rudel claimed to have destroyed 519 Soviet tanks, most of them while piloting a cannon-armed Junkers Ju-87G Panzerknäcker, or “tankbuster.” Aleksandr Yefimov, said to have destroyed 126 German tanks while flying the Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik, was twice made a Hero of the Soviet Union.

What is the deadliest tank in the world?

Challenger 2The Challenger 2 is pure violence incarnate It holds the record for the longest tank to tank kill in the world. The Challenger 2 is widely considered one of the most capable and formidable main battle tanks in the world. It is armed with a deadly accurate 120 mm gun and can take a lot of punishment.

What was the average age of a soldier?

The average military officer was roughly 34.5 years old in 2015, up from 32.1 in 1973. And the average enlisted member was just over age 27 in 2015, compared with age 25 in 1973.

Who was the youngest soldier to die in WW1?

John Condon is said to be the youngest Allied soldier killed in action in the First World War – and one of 49,500 Irishmen who perished in the four-year conflict. His headstone in Poelcappelle Cemetery, Belgium, is the most visited of all the memorials to those killed in WW1.

What was the most survivable tank of WW2?

* All tanks provide greatest armor protection in front. The M-1 is in no aspect less protected than the M-60 -indeed, its armor protection is vastly superior to that of the M-60. Live firings have proven it to be the most survivable tank in the world today.

Did the US have a heavy tank in WWII?

Near the end of the war the M26 Pershing tank was deployed as the first operational heavy tank of the US Army. It was designated a heavy tank when it was designed in WWII due to its 90 mm gun, which was at the time the largest caliber gun found on a US tank.