Question: Who Is Current APC Chairman?

Who is the national leader of APC?

John Odigie Oyegun (born 12 August 1939) is a Nigerian politician who served as the first national chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Nigeria….John Odigie OyegunPersonal detailsBorn12 August 1939 Warri, Delta State, NigeriaNationalityNigerianPolitical partyAll Progressives Congress9 more rows.

How old is John oyegun?

81 years (August 12, 1939)John Odigie Oyegun/Age

When was APC formed?

February 6, 2013All Progressives Congress/Founded

Where is Lai Mohammed?

Kwara, NigeriaLai Mohammed/Place of birthBiography. He was born into the family of Alhaji Mohammed Adekeye in 1952. He is a native of Oro in Kwara State. He earned a bachelor’s degree in French from Obafemi Awolowo University, in the year 1975.

Who is the Anthony General of Nigeria?

The Attorney General is appointed by the President, and is assisted by a Permanent Secretary, who is a career civil servant. As of June 2019, the Attorney General is Abubakar Malami.

How old is malami?

53 years (April 17, 1967)Abubakar Malami/Age

Who is Justice Minister?

Ministry of Justice (United Kingdom)Ministerial Department overviewHeadquarters102 Petty France Westminster, London, SW1H 9AJEmployeesover 77,000Annual budget£6.3 billion & £600 million capital expenditure in 2018–19Minister responsibleRt Hon. Robert Buckland QC MP, Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor8 more rows

Who is the youngest minister in Nigeria?

Sadiya Umar Farouk (born 5 November 1974), is a Nigerian politician and the current minister of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development. Appointed by President Muhammadu Buhari in July 2019, Farouk is by age the youngest minister in the current federal cabinet.

What is the age of Lai Mohammed?

69 years (December 6, 1951)Lai Mohammed/Age