Quick Answer: How Do You Become A Fighter In War Thunder?

Are Russian planes good war thunder?

Soviet Aircraft are reliable when it comes to attacking, while their defensive capabilities are narrowed down to if you can out maneuver your opponent due to weak armor, you will experience loss of tail control or loss of wings a lot..

How do you turn your fight in war thunder?

Turn into the enemy.Maintain or gain preferred turn speed by using high/low Yo-Yo or even Immelmann/Split-S.If the hostile does not want to engage in a turn fight, scare the foe with a few warning shots. The enemy’s evasive manoeuvres will decrease the distance too.

How do I get better planes in war thunder?

FYI, barrel-rolls are used to quickly slow your plane down, performing one does not bestow superpowers on you or your plane.Get acquainted with your plane. Play to your strengths, avoid your weaknesses. … Avoid head-ons. … Fire with extreme prejudice. … Boom and zoom. … Watch your six. … Know your enemy.Nov 26, 2020

Why is my war Thunder ping so high?

If you have War Thunder high ping, this can be the result of invalid IP configuration settings, bandwidth throttling, game server issues, and so on.

How high can you go in War Thunder?

54k feetThe games limit is 54k feet (16 km). If you try any higher you get return to battlefield.

What is the fastest plane in war thunder?

Lightning F.6Thanks to its two afterburning turbojet engines, generating a staggering 72.8 kN of thrust with the afterburner engaged, the Lightning F. 6 can reach a top speed of Mach 2.1 (1,556 mph / 2,505 km/h) at an altitude of 39,300 ft (12,000 m), making it one of the fastest machines in War Thunder!

Is War Thunder pay to win?

It’s generally not pay-to-win although there are certainly many premiums (vehicles outside of the regular tech tree which you can only unlock with real $$$) that have questionable or downright broken BR placement, such as the German/Soviet P-47s, Object 120, or the Ru 251.

Which country has the best planes?

Military > Air force > Combat aircraft: Countries Compared#COUNTRYAMOUNT1United States3,3182Russia1,9003China1,5004India1,08096 more rows

How do you sell tanks in war thunder?

You don’t sell anything, you can’t lose tanks. If you want to use new tanks just put them in the crew slots and your old ones will be put in the “storage”. Also, you can use any tank to research any tank.

Which country has the best fighters in War Thunder?

JapanJapan has the most agile fighters in the game with the nimble Ki-43 and the A6M Zero line, though they are a bit fragile. The later Ki-84 and N1K are good all-rounders, and there are also heavier options with the big-cannon packing Ki-45 and -102 heavy fighters, handy for taking down enemy bombers.

What are the best planes in war thunder?

The Best War Thunder PlanesB-29A-BN.Spitfire Mk 24.F-4C Phantom II.Arado Ar 234.AH-1Z.Yak-3P.G.56.Bf 109 B-1.Mar 4, 2021

Why does my war Thunder freeze?

Fix War Thunder freeze War Thunder freezes can be caused by your graphical settings, so you’re advised to lower them. If you’re using HD resolution, we advise you t switch to a lower resolution and run the game in windowed mode. Go to the game’s installation directory.

Should I play War Thunder?

It’s definitely worth the investment if you like history vehicles. Forgot to add, this game isn’t P2W. … War Thunder is a game where personal skill 9/10 times trumps buying something. You can progress all the way through the game until the end of it without paying a dime.

How long does it take to get jets in War Thunder?

Unlocked every plane. About 2 months originally (with a premium account) when I first started playing years ago. When the FAA line was added the whole line took about a week or so.

Why is my war thunder so laggy?

You can start by lowering some or all of the graphics settings and check if your problem is resolved. Users have also reported being able to solve War Thunder Lag by switching the game’s graphics renderer to OpenGL. Other than that, you can also try changing to DirectX 9 mode to see if it helps you with the problem.

How do you switch planes in war thunder?

How can I? At the top of the screen, change the game mode from tank battles to air battles. The best is to create a preset of planes or tanks (the line at the bottom of your screen) and define the game mode for each preset. So you can switch just by changing the preset.