What Do Premium Tanks Do?

Is World of Tank dead?

WoT has been dead for the past 8-9 months.

They’re just doing to some wrap up now which will probably take 3-5 more years because the Russians are slow..

How do you buy a tank in World of Tanks Blitz?

To purchase a tank, select the tank you want in the Tech Tree (button in the lower right corner of the Garage). Slots with researched tanks have a different color in the Tech Tree than those unresearched. Check the stats and the price of the tank in the pop-up window and tap Purchase.

What is the best premium tank in wot blitz?

For tier 6, the cromwell B is for sure the best premium with its insane gun depression and speed and good DPM. I’d say for tier 7, the smasher is the best although the dracula is so much better than in in the right hands.

What is the best premium tank in WOT?

Because out of the “always purchasable” premiums, it’s still pretty strong. The penetration on a standard round is high – 248mm. The alpha damage is good at 400….At the time of writing, the candidates are as follows:Strv S1.Löwe.T-44-100.T-54 First Prototype.T34.M4A1 RevaloriséCaernarvon AX.Skorpion/Skorpion G.More items…•Sep 30, 2019

How do I change XP to premium tank?

use gold to convert it to “Free XP,” which can be used on any tank or module in the game. (To get the gold though, you must earn it in events/tournaments or buy it with real money.)

Is WoT still worth Playing 2020?

M4ntiX-x 16 Jan 2020 So, welcome back! Nah, but for real it’s still a solid game. Sure it has its problems and quirks, but if you love WOT, it is definitely worth playing.

Is World of Tanks pay to win?

This game is free to play for anyone. … You don’t have to pay for anything. So I don’t really see any issue with wargaming monetizing the game to make a profit.

What is the strongest tank in WOT?

The Object 277 is another heavy tank capable of decent damage and with good armour. It was developed back in 1956 under the supervision of Joseph Kotin. It has excellent top speed and is one of the fastest heavy tanks in the game. It does good damage and has pretty good gun handling too.

What is the best tier 8 tank in World of Tanks?

LT-432 – Has it all, armor, mobility, spotting. Currently the best scout at tier VIII. Progetto M35 – Not for beginners, but so rewarding once I learned how to drive it. AMX 13 90 – Easily the best tank of the line.

How do I play Strv S1?

Try to use the Strv S1 on a ridge and take advantage of its gun depression and siege mode. To take advantage of this armor, stick to the ridgelines and use the siege mode to peek and sniper. Ensure that your frontal armor is facing the enemy, as a lot of lower-tiered tanks will have trouble penetrating you head-on.

Do Premium tanks earn more free XP?

You must convert experience earned on a premium tank to free experience with additional gold. You’ll get the 10% free exp as with every tank though, and you don’t need to do any research to ‘elite’ a premium tank – they start out with every module researched. They do earn more silver though, if that’s any consolation.

What is the fastest way to get silver in World of Tanks?

The easiest way to get silver is to either dismount all your equipment or to sell some high tier tanks (which you can rebuy later for the same price with a ticket).

Do Premium tanks earn more silver?

(1) Tier VIII tanks make more silver than lower tier tanks. (2) Buying a premium account with the money spent on a tier VIII will buy 6 months and will make MORE silver in those 6 months than any tier VIII premium tank.

How much is wargaming worth?

The company itself is reportedly valued at $1.5 billion. Kislyi controls 64 percent of the business directly and also has his father’s 25.5 percent stake. According to Bloomberg, Wargaming has a network of 150 million users across the globe.

How do you get free premium tanks in World of Tanks?

One of the most frequent and reliable ways to get Premium tanks for free in World of Tanks is to participate in the TankRewards event that happens each month. TankRewards provides in-game missions that can be completed a certain amount of times. Each time you complete the mission, you receive one TankRewards point.

What is WoT premium?

With WoT Premium Account, an additional 10% bonus to Credits on top of what you earn in battles will fall into a special vault. … Owners of a WoT Premium Account will have the opportunity to fulfill special consecutive battle missions and earn various rewards, including Credits, Bonds, and more.

How do you convert Elite XP to free XP in World of Tanks Blitz?

You can convert xp to free xp if you have enough gold and “elite” tank. A elite tank is a tank witch all modules are researched and next tier tank researced too. 25xp* 1 gold=25 free xp.

What is the best Tier 5 tank in World of Tanks?

panzer V/IVThe panzer V/IV is the best tier 5 tank, and a competitor for the best tank tier for tier in the game.

What is the best tier 10 tank in wot blitz?

MausMaus is the best tier 10 tank , No tank can influence games and dominate games like a Maus .

Are premium tanks worth it?

PREMIUM TANKS ARE NOT WORTH BUYING…….. DO NOT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY….. The MM is terrible, you dont get preferred MM anymore, the credit making ability of alot of premiums, NOT all of them but MOST of them isnt worth sweet FA.